28 Jun 2013

Angelica Blick 6

I'm maybe a little crazy but she is just... perfection.

16 Jun 2013

Top 10 bloggers by Tessie

Hello everyone :) 

In this post, I will show you my top ten most favourite fashion bloggers :) I decided to write a little comment (and add a photo) to each mentioned blog so that you know why I love them and why YOU should love them if you  aren't already a fan of them :) Here is the list of pages I visit everytime I browse the internet:

This girl is just PERFECT. She seems to have everything a girl could ask for. Sometimes, when I'm depressed, I just look at her photos and wish I was her (don't worry, I'm not depressed very often :D). She's beautiful, her body is so fit and sexy, she has so many clothes and she's so rich she can travel all over the world as often as she wants. And she has an amazing boyfriend who loves her and takes most of her photos (:D).

Angelica Blick is maybe my most favorite blogger of all. I fell in love with her photos a long time ago and everytime I see a new post, I'm amazed. She poses so naturally that every new photo is original and beautiful.

Anna Edwin is only 18 years old (which is scary because she's younger than me!!). She has one of the most beautiful hair I have ever seen - so check out her blog to see photos where she doesn't have a bun :) She has perfect outfits and I love her make-up tips aswell.

Isabelle was probably my most favourite blogger about two years ago. Unfortunately, now she's turning into a plastic barbie even though she had no reason for it (from my point of view). She was more beautiful without all the plastic surgeries. I don't understand why such a young girl needs to have plastic breasts, nose and botox-lips. It's a shame... But still, I like to visit her blog even though it's sad how she has changed.

Another Swedish Barbie is Kissie (Alexandra Nilsson). I don't even know why I started to visit her blog. Firstly, I was shocked by such a large change she went through from her natural look to how she looks now. I guess she really didn't like the way she looked so she had to change herself completely to become self-confident. Now, she's one of the most famous Swedish celebrities and her life is quite interesting :)

This British girl looks just like a girl next door and that's why I like her so much. She's natural, cute and she has amazing DIY ideas! I'm always impressed by the final products she makes, she's really talented.

This model has an amazing face and beautiful outfits :) She travels all over the world and I love the photos she takes in different places. Firstly, I started to follow her on instagram and then I found her amazing blog.

I simply love her photos! The lights, the colours, they're all beautiful. There really isn't a photo that I wouldn't like on her instagram! She has a great style.

This Czech blogger and model is really amazing! She has a great taste of style, beautiful hair and I'm kind ouf proud that a Czech girl has such a succesful blog and that she was/is a model in Japan. Unfortunately, she hasn't updated her blog recetly, I hope it's just because of the final exams she had. Hopefully she will continue with blogging.

Another Czech blogger I really like is this young and funny blondie. She has a great sense of humour, her posts always make me laugh (because she is a little bit crazy, in a good way :D).

I hope this post was interesting to read and that you enjoyed it :)
You can write names of YOUR favourite bloggers to comment :)
xoxo, Tessie


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