16 Sept 2012

NEW IN: Tessie

Hi everyone :)
We've decided to show you more of our own  photos. And because this blog is all about fashion, trends and style, we're gonna be posting our new clothes and accessories.

These are things I've recently bought :) (when I say recently I mean two or three months' time, because I didn't have many opportunities to shop this holiday)

I've been waiting for a handbag like this for ages! And I found it in F&F a week ago. It's elegant, large and I love it!

Of course I wanted a pair of shoes that would go well with the handbag and that I could wear to special events or parties. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the shop.

These summer shoes I got from my boyfriend for our 1,5 year's anniversary <3 He hates shopping, went only because of me and that's why I like them even more. They are Lacoste.

This denim jacket is from a Prague second hand.The prize was unbelievable :D 30 czech crowns (cca 1 euro)! I was extremely lucky.

I bought this pastele skirt at the beginning of this summer. It's from New Yorker and I always feel like a fairy in it.

Hope you like this first 'very personal' post. Leave comment and your opinions, please :* oh, and excuse the quality, all photos were taken by iPhone

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