26 Oct 2012

Tessie: Autumn WISHLIST

Hi everyone :) am I the only one who is browsing through online fashion shops, choosing the most stylish clothes but never buy them because they are all too expensive? Hmm... :/ To entertain myself, I made this wishlist of my most-wanted pieces of clothes :)

Sweaters! Oh, love these - BOTH! I already have four at home, but that doesn't mean I can't try new ones everytime I go shopping, right? Maybe I'm just a little bit obssesed.

A studded denim shirt is being my dream for quite a long time, maybe I'll have the courage to buy it one day. The second shirt might seem simple, but I   just love the colour of it.

I'd really like to have a new backpack! And it doesn't necessarily need to be leather or black.
I've been trying to find shoes like these for weeks, but unfortunately, I wasn't succesful. I just couldn't find shoes that would be leather, warm and with 'OK' heels (I'm not that brave to walk on ice  with 10-cm high heels)

Last but not least, a pair of basic blue jeans.

What is in your autumn wishlist?

Here's my new outfit I posted on lookbook today. 
Check and hype if you want :) Thank you!



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