12 Jan 2014

Rings and Tings

We are happy to announce our first colaboration! 

We have recieved beautiful accessories from Rings and Tings, some of them were already used in previous Lookbook post. Thank you very much, we are looking forward for the future cooperaion :) 

A quick introduction about Rings and Tings:

Rings & Tings was created by Joys Cheung and Yiunam Leung in 2011 - both creative students studying in London. 

Every Sunday we would go and set up a stall on the streets ( Being students, we could not afford a proper stall in Brick Lane but instead we set up stall on the streets ) in Brick Lane market London selling unique and vintage fashion clothing and accessories.

Our little stall was getting more and more popular by the week and soon we decided to open up an online store and set up our first office within Joy's apartment – Rings & Tings was officially born.

Rings & Tings is now a global destination for the latest fashion trends with a dedicated creative team. I hope that Rings & Tings would be a platform about more than just fashion which captures and inspires the attention of our generation to realize that our true message is about the journey that we are on.


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